Tânia Espinheira

Successfully graduated from She Codes 7.0 event
5/5 - Highly recommended
“We all have a comfort zone! I always work on design and marketing and recently i started to do some code workshops, try to do some websites, and now i'm working on a IT Company. Well, at the marketing depart., but, still, code world always be arround me throught family, friends, school and work. Nowadays everything requires some form of programming, so it's important to know how to read and write code. I think it's mandatory to soon everyone know code. And I think it's time to wake up and go beyond my comfort zone. I always love to learn new things, to know more, become more, put myself in challenging circumstances, pushing my limits and engaging in actions that allow me to grow. Creating code is just a different way to express creativity, another form to build something form stracth”

What is She Codes?

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