Marta Silva

Successfully graduated from She Codes 7.0 event
5/5 - Highly recommended
“I'm a scientist who ended up working in public relations and marketing. Now I have been dealing with the communication of great technologicals, such as Cisco. By dealing with these clients I realized that it will be an added value for my career to be able to code, it will allow me to understand, in a more effective way, the e 360 evolutionary technologic process. This way I will be able to actually know the challenges and understand in a practical way how does this field evolve. I strongly believe that this can become a strong added value for me as a communicator in this field. Also, I am pursuing more interesting job opportunities in the product management and brand management areas and I recognize this workshop as a great opportunity for me to strength my knowledge on the market and promote my professional growth.”

What is She Codes?

She codes is here to give a solid introduction to product development, product design and product management.