Cyrielle Hadamitzki

Successfully graduated from She Codes 7.0 event
5/5 - Highly recommended
“I have a been working as customer care manager the 2 past years in a tech company. While, this experience already teaches me a lot, I realise I am lacking some tech knowledge to grow in my career. This pushes me to do this leap of faith: learning how to code. After a few initiation workshops at Le Wagon, and some beginners online courses on Codecademy and Udemy, I realise how much I enjoy it. I really want to start building my own portfolio, and show there my vision of customer experience. That would be my very first project. Then, I think She Codes is an amazing program that addresses really well the issue of the lack of women in tech and programming. As a comitted feminist, I can only encourage this type of initiative. ”

What is She Codes?

She codes is here to give a solid introduction to product development, product design and product management.